Programs & Projects

Programs & Projects

Programs and Projects Implemented of ALS TAYABAS CITY

1. Accreditation and Equivalency Program (A&E) – is a certification of learning for OSY and adults aged 11 years old and above for elementary and 15 years old and above in secondary who are unable to go to or have dropped out of the formal school.

2.  Informal Education (InFed) – is an education activity that addresses the special needs and interest of the marginalized and other interest groups of learners, making use of the life skills approach for personal development. SPECIAL PROJECT

3. ALS MOBILE TEACHER PROGRAM – makes education accessible to out of school youth and adults in the remote, deprived, depressed and underserved (DDU) difficult to reach communities.

4. FAMILY BASIC LITERACY PROJECT (FBLP) – is a literacy service learning intervention utilizing literate family members to help non-literate members upgrade their literacy skills and improve the educational opportunities of poor families.

5. ADOLESCENT FRIENDLY LITERACY ENHANCEMENT PROJECT (AFLEP) – provides target learners aged 10-19 years old with basic literacy about early marriage and parenting, family planning, drug prevention education, livelihood projects, health education and environmental education

6. Basic Literacy Program (BLP) – is an intensive community-based training for illiterate out-of-school youth and adults, who are willing to learn basic literacy skills.